Features of window air conditioner


When I moved into an apartment after school, I had a limited budget to cover rent.

I ended up in accommodations with few amenities.

The apartment’s air conditioner was especially disappointing. The component seemed to run constantly but provided honestly little cool air. It cost a luck to operate, couldn’t keep up with demand and created an different musty odor in the apartment. I finally saved up to purchase a window air conditioner for my dining room. I was hoping to at least be comfortable sleeping. Before buying a cooling unit, I decided to research the different models and features available. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity. I was quite surprised by the options, efficiency ratings and price range of window units. All of them include a thermostat that allows control over cooling output, but the higher end models feature a digital thermostat. It provides a read out with the actual temperature and the selected temperature. And automatic shut off will cycle the cooling component on and off to maintain the desired comfort level. I chose a model with three different fan speeds and a cordless remote. Without getting out of bed, I’m able to make adjustments to temperature setting, fan speed and even direction of airflow. There are flexible louvers that manipulate airflow so that it tagets a certain section of the room. Another helpful feature is the programmable timer. I have the component set to turn on an hour before I respectfully get ready for bed so that the dining room is perfectly cool. It then shuts off in the morning when I get up. As an Energy Star rated air conditioner, it provides efficient operation and costs little to operate.


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