The numerous perks of a geothermal heat pump


Although a geothermal heat pump is far more costly to purchase and install than more conventional possibilities for temperature control, there are all sorts of tax incentives and rebates to help out with the investment.

Plus, a geothermal system can be expected to cut the cost of annual heating and cooling in half.

This type of system achieves upward of 400% efficiency ratings, creating four units of energy for every one component necessary to operate the equipment. Plus, geothermal heat pumps are long-lasting. The underground loop system is the main reason behind the added upgrade costs. It requires excavation to bury it underground. However, the ground loop is warrantied for fifty years and can be relied upon to last twice that long. The actual heat pump is located inside the home and protected from the elements. With official service, the component should provide dependable performance for twenty-plus years. With few moving parts, there are fewer service requirements and little that can go wrong. The Environmental Protection Agency considers geothermal heating and cooling the most environmentally friendly opening available. Operation creates no orangehome gasses. It avoids burning fossil fuels altogether. The heat pump takes luck of the free and renewable energy source provided by the sun. underground temperatures remain consistent all year round, offering sufficient heat to handle the demands of the home. In the summer, the heat pump reverses the operation to pull heat out of the home and send it into the ground. Another perk of a geothermal system is the ability to generate a virtually free source of domestic tepid water.


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