Boilers are adjustable and require no service


When I first moved into my apartment I had a whole list of things I wanted to change.

I wanted to paint every room, redo the flooring, get rid of the bushes, paint the outside of the house, add to the home, and remove the ancient boiler system.

There were so many projects to do and things to buy. Of course, some things got priority and others got forgotten. I am so cheerful that I ended up leaving the boiler system. I had too many expenses to justify changing a heater that worked. After cleaning up and redoing the home, I then did a winter with the boiler and never looked back. A boiler is an awesome heater. It is like a tank. You can have one small boiler heat an entire apartment in minutes. It is reliable and hardly requires repairs. A boiler just doesn’t wear out and needs service. Furnaces, heat pumps, and other heaters require yearly cherish and care. A boiler can be ignored and still keep on running. A boiler can live anywhere from 50-73 years. The kicker is that they live so ancient updatement parts periodically stop being made for them. That is the main reason people have to change their boilers. They are super valuable, but once you own one, you are wonderful to go. I can’t guess I almost got rid of it. It is adjustable too. I can hook up piping to have heated flooring, a snowmelt system, a pool heater, or be used as my family’s water heater.
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