Ductless mini split installed on my addition


I recently added an addition onto my home.

I needed the extra study room for my modern baby.

I was just one space short. I also thought it would add value to my property someday. I had to put it right on the side of the house. I had the option of adding to my existing Heating as well as A/C device or just buying that space as its own unit. I would have needed to replace the electric panel, add air duct, and do a whole mess of things for the first option. So I went with the latter. I looked at a cooling replacement in Palm Bay. I found that a ductless mini split is fairly low cost, simple to install and non-invanie. This is a wall mounted device with its own control unit. It controls only the heating and cooling for that one space. It also is very quiet and efficient. I liked the idea of setting my baby’s room different from mine, and did you know that babies like to be in a colder environment than an adult. Weird right? This way I can set the ideal temperature and not be affected. The mini split was fairly cheap to get installed too. I was really cheerful since the actual addition was a lot. I had to factor in electricity and construction. So having the A/C replacement in Palm Bay be cost effective was a win win for me, then for ductless A/C installation I really picked an attractive business. They arrived on time, gave me a clear price and then left no mess behind. It was really nice since I have a whole bunch of debris already to clear away.

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