Getting A/C installed in my studio made a big difference


I had a studio built for my side business.

I make custom furniture and it is slowly growing in popularity, and more and more people want my pieces and I am thinking of toiling in it full time, but right now I just find the time on the weekends and after work.

I am tied up however making enjoyable money. Investing in a studio space was a risk that paid off. I have gotten enough orders that the studio is all paid for. I didn’t get A/C installed right away since it was the winter season. Now I am looking at A/C replacement. I live in Palm Bay, FL. An a/c is a must have. Working with wood and all that heavy lifting gets hot. Since I am doing weekends, I know I will be toiling while in the heat of the day too. So A/C replacement in Palm Bay was at the top of my list. I took the plunge and I got a modern cooling system. It has made a world of difference. I have a smart control device that now knows when I am in there. So I don’t have to touch a button. It automatically begins cooling after five in the week and at 8am on the weekends. I never go without AC. The addition to my electric bill was so small. The modern A/C system was costly even though I know I will make that money back. It is one step closer to me becoming my own business. Having a modern a/c really has made a difference in how efficient I am too.


AC installation Palm Bay