Glad I hired the guy to do the replacement as well


I own a lot of rental properties in Palm Bay, FL.

It is a nightmare keeping up with all of them.

I don’t want to hire a property supervisor since that takes a split of my profits! So whenever I can do something myself, I do it. There are particular things that are beyond my wheelhouse. I had a tenant call me the other day that her a/c was broken. I am able to put refrigerant in a device due to my certification. I also know how to clean, lubricate, and maintain minor parts. When I saw the state of her A/C I knew it was toast. I told her a modern system needed to be installed. I looked around online and found a cheap one somebody was selling locally. I decided not to do that. What if I couldn’t maintain it? Most A/C companies in FL won’t touch an unusual make and model. Instead I called a real Palm Bay A/C replacement business. I bought one of their units and then tried to haggle about installing it myself. The guy said I would nullify the warranty and could potentially detriment the system in the set up. I could ruin the lifespan, increase the chance of repairs. So I let the guy do the A/C replacement. I am really happy that I did that. I watched the guy do it and it looked really hard. It was super complicated and once he was done the modern device worked great. I suppose that I will always hire a professional for A/C installs in Palm Bay.
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