I dislike canned air; sleep outdoors


Growing up, I lived in a certainly odd home than most of my peers.

While everybody else at school lived in the cookie-cutter suburbs around town, my family didn’t have the same resources as everyone else.

We resided on a big family farm, where my associate and I worked strenuous for our family income. We had to produce most of our resources for ourselves, including our meat in addition to clothing. We left an extremely simple life out on the farm in addition to I didn’t know much about current living until I went off to college. In fact, back then my associate and I barely had basic current amenities. There was no cable, limited indoor lighting, in addition to the most rudimentary central heating in addition to cooling systems. There were several days in addition to weeks that my associate and I lived without any current amenities, because my associate and I couldn’t afford the energy bill. Actually, I remember rarely utilizing our exhausting indoor air temperature control appliances throughout my childhood. Instead, my associate and I relied on the refreshing breeze that blew across the farm, in addition to properly opened our windows to establish natural ventilation. When my associate and I opened up the home to receive fresh air, it was always so clean in addition to appealing feeling. As an adult, I still think back to these early days in addition to I often wish that I could revisit those simple times without central heating in addition to cooling. To this day, I rarely operate my forced air boiler or try to use the big AC unit located outside. I try to open my windows in addition to take advantage of natural ventilation whenever I can. In fact, I take it to such an extreme that I’m even known to sleep outside in addition to bask in the glorious fresh air all night when the conditions are right.


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