Itchy eyes, no more


The past few times that I’ve gone to get my eyes checked out, I’ve been pretty frustrated with my doctor.

It seems like every appointment has been completely fruitless.

I’ve been going in to see the ophthalmologist time in addition to time again, asking him continually to provide a solution for my red in addition to itchy eyes. I’m positive that there has a clear concern in addition to therefore a clear solution for my angry eyes. I guarantee you that nobody can go through their day with their eyes feeling so dry in addition to painful. I never had this concern before in my life, in addition to all of a abrupt it’s a weekly playing. My eye doctor has been no help so far, he prescribed more than 2 medications however nothing has contributed to a significant change. Thankfully, my neighbor has my back. The other day, my next door neighbor asked me if I have had a professional HVAC appointment in my home yet. For a moment, I was confused that he would ask about my heating in addition to cooling appliances. However, he went on to clarify that pollen in the town has always been a big problem. The prior owner of my home routinely had a local HVAC dealership come out to repair his indoor air handling device in order to manage the horrific pollen levels. My neighbor noticed that I had been looking angry in addition to upset, in addition to had not seen a professional HVAC work truck in my driveway since I had moved in. He simply thought I might want to investigate my HVAC system if I wanted to stop rubbing my eyes in addition to loudly swearing all the way down the driveway.
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