Made a mistake not doing hydronic heating


The largest mistake of my life was not getting heated flooring for my house.

I had everything in the locale too.

The apartment had an ancient boiler system in the basement. All I needed to do was hook pipes to the boiler and then have that piping go throughout the floors. I was redoing the floors at the time too, every room but the bathrooms were being redone. I looked at the cost and decided not to. I owned a boiler and it already offered satisfactory heat. What was the point of radiant floors? Well, I changed from carpet to cement and felt how cold it got in the winter. The boiler is fantastic but the heat rises naturally. My feet are freezing. I had to buy a bunch of part carpets and wear socks in the house. I also redid the bathroom floors and got heated flooring for those spaces to try it out. I cherish it. The bathrooms are so comfortable in the winter. It is nice having the heat at your feet, however you naturally feel warmer. It is a quieter, cleaner, and more efficient way to heat. The rest of my apartment is just not as wonderful now. I want to rip up the cement and start again, but sadly I can’t justify that. There is no way to do heated flooring without removing the floors either. So I am stuck until my floors wear out. The installation crew did a wonderful job. I bet I am stuck with these floors for 15-20 years. That is a long time to not have heated flooring.

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