Nonsensical air vents


I believe that this year is going to be a great year.

I actually have to believe that, or else I would probably give up entirely.

The last decade has been extremely difficult, and 2019 was the worst of them all. I went through so many major life changes, and each one resulted in more problems than the last. Many months ago, I began looking for homes and I was running into a lot of problems finding a property that I truly enjoyed it. It seems like every house was too big or too small. None of them had the features that I was looking for, and if they were well-equipped, I couldn’t afford them. Finally took the leap and purchased a house of my own in the middle of summer. I was so excited for all of the new possibilities that this house would bring to my blossoming life. I couldn’t wait to have full control over my surroundings, all the way down to the indoor air temperature control. I was so excited to be the commander in charge of the thermostat, furnace maintenance, and the central air conditioning settings. However, I never imagined that I would wind up in a house that had awful indoor air temperature control devices. Apparently, although I did all of my research, I wound up with a real stinker in the area of indoor air temperature maintenance. You see, the house that I purchased was built with nonsensical air vent placement throughout every room. For whatever reason, the contractor placed at the furnace vents up near the top of the ceiling, and the air conditioning vents down at the floor. As you can imagine, the heat stays up at the top of each room, while the expensive AC hovers at the floorboards. Now I’m in charge of my HVAC settings every day… and every day I struggle to balance energy efficiency with wildly uneven temperatures.