Power outage leaves us without air conditioner


Last winter, my local section set records for snow accumulation, by the end of the season, the piles of snow were enormous, but when a abrupt thunderstorm plus soaring temperatures arrived, there was countywide flooding! The snow melted, the river overflowed plus multiple inches of rain fell, and at the same time, my friend and I experienced especially high winds that knocked down trees, limbs plus power lines. The power outages were extensive, and my associate and I were left without electricity for five afternoons. The food in the refrigerator plus freezer spoiled. Without a working sump pump, the basement flooded with dirty water. The whole property smelled awful plus felt warm. There was an incredible amount of disfigurement plus troubles with mold plus mildew growth. My associate and I needed to substitute the washer, dryer plus water pump plus all of the furniture in the basement; During the outage, my friend and I had no access to lights, internet, running water or any of our appliances. My associate and I couldn’t run the a/c or the dehumidifier. Because of the rain, my friend and I couldn’t even open the windows to get some relief from the heat. My associate and I were entirely quite blessed that this power failure happened in the Spring rather than the winter. Our local section experiences temperatures down to downside twenty-five degrees. Without a working heater, my friend and I couldn’t stay in the house. We’d be forced to brave dangerous road conditions to check into a hotel. There would be a risk of water pipes chilly plus bursting. After the last power failure, I had a standby generator installed! If our electricity goes out, the generator automatically starts up plus powers the entire property for as long as necessary. There is no need for refueling because it runs on natural gas.

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