Problems with AC caused by dirty ductwork


This past summer time was especially warm plus muggy.

  • While the season is respectfully quite mild, my fantastic friend and I experienced hot plus cold temperatures in the upper eighties plus low nineties for multiple months straight.

The humidity levels were brutal. My air conditioner had a hard time keeping up with demand. While the whole home felt slightly boiling, there were particular rooms that were extra uncomfortable. I observed a musty stink coming from the vents plus an abundance of dust plus other particles. There were complications with condensate running down the windows plus concerns with mold plus mildew growth. Although I lowered the control unit multiple times, it made little difference. The air conditioner was running nearly all the time yet not providing acceptable cool air. My yearly electric bills were super high. When I realized that my family was complaining of headaches, congestion, insomnia plus sore throat because of the cooling system, I hired a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation for repairs. A thorough inspection plus diagnostic testing of the entire system identified the ductwork as the source of the problems. There was a significant buildup of contaminants inside the pipes. During the cleaning process, the professional found dust, dander, lint, construction debris, bugs, webs, decomposing rodents plus mold growth. Every time the air conditioner started up, it was spreading harmful toxins into our breathing air. Plus, the accumulation was restricting airflow plus adding to the workload of the cooling unit, however fortunately, the duct cleaning service was handled without detriment to the condo plus restored proper performance of the air conditioner. I now plan to have the ductwork took care of every couple of years.
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