Sunroom could use central AC if ducts were sufficient


Isn’t it annoying when you guess that you know something, and it turns out that you are completely wrong? I absolutely don’t care for being proven wrong.

I like to have all my ducks in a row before I make any statements or large decisions.

It’s the worst when I jumped to a conclusion, it turns out to be incorrect, and after that we have boatloads of consequences to deal with. Not so long ago, this was what happened when I assumed that I understood my heating, cooling, and ventilation system kneel out. I had recently moved into a current home, and I was still figuring out where to invest my currency to make the largest improvements. I absolutely prefer to the affixed sunroom, but I wasn’t gleeful with the low air quality in that space. In the middle of summer, it was apparently extremely hot. There was no air conditioning installed in the room, and with the afternoonlight streaming in all afternoon, the air temperature quickly climbed. I figured that I needed to save up and install a mini split ductless heating and cooling system so I could utilize the room in the dead of summer time or the middle of winter. However, I didn’t have enough currency right up front. I waited many months, and then called out my preferred heating, cooling, and ventilation worker. He was examining the room and looking for the best place to install my mini split ductless heating and cooling system and he observed that there was an air vent overhead. When he investigated the air vent, he found that it was affixed to the central heating and cooling system; it simply had been jammed with a block of insulation. Had I absolutely looked into the ductworks, I could have been using this room year-round, all along.


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