Tearing out nasty air ducts and going split


About two years ago when my great-great grandma passed away I was absolutely devastated.

We always had such an amazing relationship and had written each other back and forth from opposite sides of the country when I was growing up.

In my much younger years, I always went out and spent my breaks from school with my great great grandma in her awesome forest cabin. It was an amazingly beautiful house to stay in, and I had a great time playing pretend in reading books as a child there. I was often find a new areas of the house to explore, such as the crawl space and the creepy attic. My great great grandma must have realized how much I enjoyed that gorgeous house. When she passed away, she left me the entire property. When I got the house, I was so overwhelmed that I swore I would never change a single detail. However, when I actually went out to inspect the property after all these years, I knew that was promised I couldn’t keep. Obviously, the HVAC system wasn’t going to make it. I called out a heating and cooling specialist to inspect to the existing boiler and ancient air conditioning system. He told me that the air handling equipment was fine, but the air ducts themselves were completely destroyed. It would be extremely inefficient to rip out the walls, without the existing air ducts, and replacing them with new ones. Instead, I purchased several mini split ductless heating and cooling systems and had them installed throughout the house. Now, I can live in this gorgeous home without worrying about the inefficient central heating and cooling, and I even have zoned temperature controls.

Zone controlled HVAC