That room was constantly so stagnant feeling


For about 25 years I’ve been venturing up north to visit my Grandma in her cute little retirement community.

She’s been residing in the same outdated person’s neighborhood this entire time.

She definitely loves residing there, being surrounded by people her own age plus having endless activities to keep her active. She’s easily social plus I think that it’s an excellent situation for her as she progresses into geriatric territory, when I go to visit, I like to stay with her well enough, then it’s quite comfortable in her home, however the spare dining room is particularally uncomfortable, but for some reason, this space feels different than the rest of the houseā€¦ Literally. It seems like the indoor air temperature controls simply don’t repair the spare dining room as intensively as the rest of the home, and this back dining room regularly feels warmer plus much stuff here than everywhere else inside of the house. I’ve gotten quite accustomed to sleeping in this stagnant indoor air, plus I stopped asking my Grandma what was going on with her heating plus cooling equipment, hilariously, a few weeks ago I found out that there truly was a reason for this indoor discomfort, as the summer time heat plus humidity settled in, my Grandma began complaining a bit about her indoor air quality, however my friend and I called out a heating plus cooling business to examine her Heating plus A/C system, at which time they poked their heads into the air ducts for a quick diagnosis. When they arrived in the spare dining room, they found that the air vent was 100% jammed with quilting batting. It turns out my Grandma had sealed up that air vent to save cash 20 years ago plus completely forgotten about it.

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