We're gonna need the doors closed


It can be extremely difficult being a new Dad these afternoons.

There is a ton of pressure from every area in your life.

If you are not a dedicated working employee, then you are not considered an empowered new lady. If you are not showing up to all of your kids soccer games plus coaching them through algebra tests, then you are choosing your work over your family due to societal pressures. It feels like you can never win in this job of heavy scrutiny, however just when I feel like I have enough things on my plate, my family gives me new challenges to deal with us. Recently, our energy bill has been the biggest obstacle in my life. For the past six months or so, the electricity bill has been climbing through the roof month after month. I’ve been doing my best to split down on our family energy expenditures, however some of the expense is non-negotiable. For instance, my great friend and I definitely have to operate our central cooling system in the middle of summer. My friend and I live in the deep south, plus the air temperature is brutally hot all season long. The humidity makes it difficult to breathe, plus it can absolutely be quite dangerous to try to survive without new air conditioning technology. That being said, my family could definitely help me out by keeping the doors closed. They have an poor tendency to walk outside plus leave the door hovering open, thereby letting all of our high-priced air conditioned air flow straight out into the ether. I don’t need another thing to worry about, so I’m installing automatic door closers all throughout the house.


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